SunSirs: Trading Atmosphere of Pure Polyester Yarn is Light, Overall Price Drops Slightly

2021-09-26by admin

  Spot market: According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the quotation of pure polyester yarn market has declined steadily recently, with some declines. The 32S pure polyester yarn in Shandong reported 14100 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton from last week. The market trading atmosphere is weak, the overall market transaction price has dropped slightly, the support for downstream orders is not large, and the demand for pure polyester yarn is always difficult to follow. Spinners and merchants have insufficient confidence in the market outlook; pure polyester yarn manufacturers do not have large inventories, but the market mentality is insufficient , The key is that the actual order demand is still not large, the market mentality is flat, and the replenishment volume is basically insufficient.

  Upstream polyester staple fiber: In terms of futures, the PF2109 contract futures price on June 16 closed at 7076, +1.73% from the previous trading day; in terms of spot, today’s direct-spun polyester staple fiber is selling steadily. The spot market is at a wait-and-see digestion stage, and the transaction is poor. Most factories produce and sell within 50%, with an average of 36%. In terms of price, Jiangsu and Zhejiang semi-gloss 1.4D mainstream is 6850-6950 yuan/ton, Fujian semi-gloss 1.4D mainstream is around 6900-7000, and Shandong and Hebei mainstream is around 6900-7000.

  In terms of downstream demand: Recently, marketing has continued to shrink, grey fabric manufacturers’ orders have continued to decline, and grey fabric prices have dropped significantly. The overall market on the grey cloth end is more inadequate, and the overall delivery is slack day by day. The sales of apparel fabrics in China Textile City contracted month-on-month, the sales in the mass fabric market fell month-on-month, and the price and volume fell slightly. Spot transactions and order shipments for summer fabrics fell slightly, and some orders for autumn fabrics were insufficient, and prices fell slightly.

  Recommendation: After the Dragon Boat Festival, due to the off-season of domestic market demand, some traders and weaving manufacturers still have insufficient orders for mass products. The supply of summer fabrics continues to shrink in the future. Spot transactions and order shipments for summer mass fabrics partially decline, and fall products are out of volume. Partially insufficient order delivery, downstream garment manufacturers and home textile manufacturers have gradually reduced orders, and the textile market has a strong wait-and-see sentiment. In addition, due to the decline in orders for mass products by traders and weaving manufacturers, the operating rate of weaving companies has gradually decreased, and the output of printing and dyeing companies The month-on-month decline, and the market trend was partially weak. It is expected that the subscription enthusiasm of mass products will decline from the previous month, and the overall market transaction will show a slight decline from the previous month. The downstream market is generally general, and inventory pressure is not great. Pay attention to the trend of later raw materials and downstream demand.