SunSirs: China Domestic PVC Market continued to Rise on September 28

2021-09-29by admin

  Latest price (September 28): 11,825 RMB/ ton

  According to the data monitoring chart of SunSirs, the PVC price rose on September 28, and the main contract 2201 rose strongly, with a daily increase rate of 5.01%, driving the spot market to continue to rise. The current price is mostly about 12,000 RMB/ ton, and the majority of enterprises closed and stopped reporting. At present, the price of raw calcium carbide has risen to more than 7,000 RMB/ ton, the cost support is strong, the price of PVC continues to rise, the offer of cargo holders is high, some orders are closed and suspended, and the short-term price is easy to rise but difficult to fall.

  China PVC market is expected to continue to rise in the short term.