SunSirs: The Price of Thermal Coal in China was Strong on September 28

2021-09-29by admin

  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the average price of port market is about 1,635 RMB/ ton. Near the end of the month, there is a shortage of coal management tickets, and coal mine accidents occur frequently. Some coal mines are still in the shutdown stage, the overall supply of thermal coal is still tight, and coal phenomena such as boarding in coal mines are still common; In terms of port, the peak period of civil power has passed, but the days of available coal storage in the power plant are at a low level. Data show that as of September 23, the number of days available for coal storage in power plants in eight southern provinces was 9.3 days. Affected by the dual control policy, the daily consumption of the power plant decreased, but the range was small. Business analysts believe that the capacity release is less than expected, the thermal coal supply continues to be tight, and there is still room for replenishment in downstream power plants. It is comprehensively expected that China thermal coal market will still be strong in the later stage.