SunSirs: Antimony Ingot Prices Continue to Rise after the National Day (October 8-15)

2021-10-19by admin

  From October 8th to 15th, 2021, the market price of antimony ingots in East China will mainly increase. Last weekend, the price was RMB 78,500/ton, an increase of RMB 1,000/ton, or 1.29%.

  The market price of antimony ingots continued to rise last week. Under the influence of the “dual control” policy in the main producing area, Hunan, the current output has declined to a certain extent, and local operations are restricted. Manufacturers of antimony products still have the mentality of being pricey, the mentality of reluctance to sell has the upper hand, and the mentality of shipment is cautious. Local mining areas have been affected in the early stage and started to work low. Recently, they have resumed work and the output is average. It is difficult to effectively alleviate the tight supply of domestic mines. At present, antimony ingot manufacturers have the upper hand and the price of antimony ingots is expected to remain high.