Buy low-temperature AC blowing agent seriously and responsible-Tangyin recovery of hydrogenated dimer acid HDMA

2021-10-20by admin

Tangyin Company recycles a large number of various stocks of hydrogenated dimer acid HDMA products.
Recycling dyes, pigments, hot melt adhesive, emulsifier, creamer, milk powder, rubber and rubber antioxidant accelerator, alkyd resin, epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, epoxy zinc-rich primer, zinc powder, vinyl vinegar resin, chloro ether resin acrylic resin, Wuxi Polishing antifouling paints, coatings, PVC paste resin, light-curing UV resin, varnish, BYK leveling agent, dispersant, defoamer, auxiliary UV absorber antimony trioxide nickel sulfate, brightener, white carbon Black paint alkyd resin, aspartic acid ester resin, acrylic solvent polyurethane curing agent, emulsion rubber rosin, hot melt adhesive hydraulic oil white oil silicone oil, glycerin, polyether polyol, isocyanate MDI, TDI, EVA, TPU, nickel sulfate Iodine sodium alginate catalyst potassium iodide, carrageenan, gelatin, bone glue, carotene, flavor, menthol, borneol, bezoar, paraffin, polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylamide, cellulose and other chemical raw materials
Benzene and butadiene are used as raw materials to produce S. Industrially, the lithium-based initiator anionic solution polymerization process is adopted. After the polymer solution is coagulated and the solvent is removed, it becomes a solid product. The conventional production adopts batch polymerization and wet coagulation processes.

Soap noodles mainly refer to a complex mixture of fatty acid sodium salts, with excellent dispersing and cleaning capabilities, suitable for soaping after dyeing of textiles and rapid washing of production equipment. According to the source of raw materials, it can be divided into plant-based soap noodles and animal-based soaps. Granules; According to the acidity and alkalinity, it can be divided into free acid soap noodles and free alkali soap noodles; according to the moisture content, it can be divided into high-moisture soap noodles and low-moisture soap noodles; according to the processing of raw materials and the current domestic situation, it can be divided into neutralization Soap noodles and boiled soap noodles in a cauldron. 9. Moisture: The high water content of the pigment often causes many problems to the coating.
Recovery of hydrogenated dimer acid HDMA molybdenum powder Sodium molybdate, ammonium molybdate, stannous sulfate, iodine, potassium iodate, silver sulfate, nickel sulfate, cobalt sulfate, cobalt sulfate, tin dioxide, stannous sulfate, silver oxide, cobalt oxide, antimony oxide, and bismuth sodium tungstate, sodium tin tungstate Sodium Nickel Chloride Copper Chloride Copper Chloride Copper Chloride Printed Nickel Net Antimony Trioxide Zinc Extraction Zinc Chloride Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide Stannous Chloride Hydroquinone Resorcinol Catechol Bromide Sodium Bromide Potassium Lithium Bromide Lithium Extraction Lithium Hydroxide Benzene Solvent Solvent Printing Trick Pulp Sodium Alginate Various Dye Printing and Dyeing Auxiliary Glycol adipic acid, polyol, PVA, polybutyraldehyde, PVB, hot melt adhesive, hot melt glue stick, pressure-sensitive adhesive nylon stick, etc.
Hebei Shaoteng Chemical Co., Ltd. recycling: raw materials for rubber additives, natural rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene, styrene butadiene rubber, chlorinated rubber, neoprene, butadiene rubber, butyl rubber, EPDM, Various types of recycled rubber such as silicone rubber. Recycle all kinds of rubber additives, rubber accelerator M, rubber accelerator DM, rubber accelerator NC, rubber accelerator TMTD, rubber accelerator EMTD, rubber antioxidant HD, rubber antioxidant 2246, rubber additives, polywax, rubber Tackifying resin, phenolic resin, rubber flame retardant, antimony trioxide, EVA resin particles, polyol 1788, polyol 1799, zinc oxide rubber pigment, rubber scarlet, phthalocyanine G, permanent red, permanent yellow, Lisuo And scarlet, benzidine yellow, titanium, and other rubber additives, accelerators, anti-aging agents, smoke latex standard rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, neoprene, natural rubber, silicone rubber, butyl rubber, butadiene rubber, EPDM, plastic ink Thickener Dispersant
The environmental protection system of the iron and steel industry is an important basis for environmental protection work, and it is also a basic guarantee for doing a good job. With the rapid development of the steel industry, the problems faced are becoming more and more severe, and the requirements for environmental protection work are progressing day by day. The current environmental protection system used to be unable to theoretically work needs. Separating from the characteristics of environmental protection work in the steel industry, building a more scientific and complete new environmental protection system for the steel industry is a prerequisite for promoting the orderly development of environmental protection work in the steel industry. Tangyin Recycle: Coating additives Deodorant Drying agent Leveling agent Foam stabilizer Hydrophobic agent, Film-forming additives Anti-skinning agent Anti-settling agent Anti-sagging agent Coating brightener UV light agent Adhesion enhancer Other coatings Auxiliary defoamer