Buying AC blowing agent is qualified-Zhejiang Jinhua Recycling Hydrogenated Dimer Acid

2021-10-20by admin

Zhejiang Jinhua came to buy all chemical raw materials in stock: hydrogenated dimer acid
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4. Due to the higher softening temperature and melting point of PET, which are 248 ℃ and 276 ℃, respectively, it has good heat resistance. The uniaxially stretched PET film will lose 30% of its strength after heating for 7 days at 150 ℃. After heating for 40 days The strength loss is only 50%. At 140 ℃ for 48 hours, it will not change its performance. This will break through the high temperature resistance of high temperature resistant cement bags. This will be the future use of low-grade PET recycled materials with a price of about 5,000 yuan. 2. No phosphorus: means environmental protection and safety.
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Output refers to the amount of paint and ink consumed in a process. The dispersant increases the pigment concentration and can increase the paint output. Appropriate addition of polymer dispersant can grind the viscosity and the pigment content of the color paste, so that the output can be improved.