SunSirs: Weak Downstream Demand, China PP Market High Callbacks

2021-10-20by admin

  According to the data monitored by SunSirs, the recent PP market trend fell after a sharp rise, and the spot prices of various brands rose as a whole. As of October 15, the mainstream offer price of T30S (wire drawing) from domestic manufacturers and traders was about 9,616.67 RMB/ ton, with a weekly rise and fall of -4.63%, an increase of 18.00% over the same period last year.

  Industrial chain: in terms of raw propylene, the propylene market in Shandong showed signs of slight decline last week. At present, the propylene price is hyped and falsely high. At the same time, the transportation gradually recovers after the festival, and the tension between supply and demand has been alleviated. It is expected that the short-term propylene price will be mainly adjusted at a high level. Last week, the PP market was still affected by the cost side support, and the PP market stopped falling.

  In terms of fiber materials, according to the data monitored by the business society, as of October 15, the spot price of domestic fiber PP fluctuated and adjusted. The mainstream offer price of Z30S (fiber) from domestic manufacturers and traders was about 9,900.00 RMB/ ton, with a weekly rise and fall of -2.46%, an increase of 18.56% over the same period last year. After the festival, the demand for PP fiber material is general, which is mainly the same as that of wire drawing material, which supports the price of energy and raw materials. Last week, the operating rate of domestic fiber materials decreased, the demand of the main downstream non-woven enterprises was weak, and the digestion level of end consumer goods was stable.

  Melt blown material, the recent melt blown PP market was volating, spot prices rose after adjustment. As of October 15, the average quotation of domestic meltblown material sample enterprises monitored by business society was about 10,216.67 RMB/ ton, with weekly rise and fall of +4.43%. At present, the impact of overseas health events is still profound, but the market’s pull on meltblown cloth is very limited. Melt blown PP in the domestic market is rising upstream. Recently, the domestic medium risk areas have been cleared, the survival of melt blown cloth enterprises is still difficult, and there are few devices still producing melt blown PP in China.

  SunSirs PP analysts believe that the domestic polypropylene market corrected at a high level last week, and the rise of spot price was blocked. On the cost side, propylene, coal and crude oil are still strong, with strong upstream support for PP. However, the load of terminal enterprises is lower due to environmental protection regulations, and the demand follow-up is not as expected. The merchant’s shipment fluency is average. It is expected that China PP market may be sorted and operated in a narrow range in the short term.