SunSirs: Affected by Cost Fluctuations, Pure Polyester Yarn Fluctuates Sideways

2021-10-20by admin

  Price: The price of 32S pure polyester yarn on the 19th was 14,900 yuan/ton.

  Analysis: Affected by price fluctuations of upstream raw materials, pure polyester yarn fluctuated sideways and dropped slightly during the day. On the supply side, domestically, affected by the policy of double control and double reduction, the operating rate of spinning mills has continued to decline since July, and the output has also fallen. In terms of demand, the downstream grey fabric end market has not changed much, the price of pure polyester yarn is high, and the market transaction is deserted. It is reported that the near-term electricity policy has become stricter. Weaving factories in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other regions have continued to reduce production. Under the background of power cuts, weaving factories have started to decline. It is expected that the inventory pressure on the grey cloth end will be relieved, and the price of grey cloth will mainly increase.

  Forecast: Pure polyester yarns are rising continuously, transactions continue to weaken, downstream customer acceptance is not high, there is no large number of transactions, most of them just need to replenish the inventory. It is expected that under the support of raw materials, the short-term market will remain high and fluctuate.