SunSirs: Small Adjustment of Domestic Soybeans on October 19

2021-10-20by admin

  Beginning in mid-October, the domestic soybean market declined after rising. As of October 19, the average market price of domestic soybeans was 5788 yuan/ton, a decrease of 0.21% from last week.

  New season soybeans are on the market, domestic soybeans are slightly adjusted

  Domestic soybeans in the new season have been listed one after another, and the prices are mainly higher. The mainstream quotations have exceeded 2.9 yuan/jin. The sieved beans and the better-quality soybeans are quoted at 2.95 yuan/jin. Due to the high moisture content of new beans, traders are cautious in entering the market and making transactions. Relatively average. Farmers are busy harvesting and have no time to sell beans. The prices are mainly high. After the domestic soybeans have risen, the prices have been adjusted slightly, and the mainstream price is still 2.85-2.9 yuan/kg.

  The harvest of new beans will come to an end, and the domestic soybean market will continue to run smoothly in the future.